CATastrophe or help? The software supporting translator's job


A very important tool used by the translators are all kinds of programs such as CAT (computer aided translation). This software is designed to help the process of translation. On no account do not confuse this kind of software with so called translators.

Simplifying the matter, CAT programs memorize each unit of text (usually a single sentence) that is translated by a translator with a unit that is the outcome of the translation. In this way the translator builds his priceless terminology database. Making it simple, if  the phrase ‘autobus odjeżdża o godz. 9.00’ is translated into ‘the bus leaves at 9.00’ and later in the text appears a sentence ‘autobus odjeżdża o godz. 10.30’, the program automatically substitutes previously translated unit (the bus leaves at 9.00). The program is pointing out that the departure time needs to be corrected. What is important, this  'similar fragment ' does not need to appear in the same document. If a similar sentence to already translated sentence appear in the text, over which the translator is working three years later, the program in split seconds will find the fragment and substitute it automatically.

 A very important feature of such programs, which is worth noting, is fragments distribution that are currently translated. Basically, the program divide a single sentence, e.g. with a blue frame where the translator find a yellow frame underneath and he fills it with translation marked by blue frame. After  completing sentence translation, the unit has to be confirmed and the program automatically seeks another fragments. I hope that I have described the topic clearly enough to encourage reader to explore the topic of CAT software.

good cat program

Summarizing, through Cat programs the process of translation is accelerated. This is because the translator does not duplicate translations of already translated fragments. The work is easier by the fact that such programs clearly divide and point piece of text that should be translated. Thanks to it, the translator does not have to 'overwrite' the text or perform any other actions outside the translation. It is worth to add that translated program will try to maintain the form of source fragment. Even a person unfamiliar with the software can easily imagine, how it can accelerate the translation process.