How to find a cheap translation agency?


Does cheap translation mean a bad translation? Or maybe cheap translations means well done translation? Decide for yourself.

A question: does a cheap agency mean a good agency, or appears bad just because we are afraid of cheap translations. In our minds : cheap means worse. A Translation agency has its own rules of functioning and like any other agency needs to run smoothly and continuously in order to stay in business. Fixed charges, payments for translators, Social Insurance Institution, taxes and many other spendings. However a translation agency can be relatively cheap (or extremely expensive), which can be seen by a customer when comparing the prices of many translation agencies.

So, how to find a cheap translation agency - to put it colloquially: cheap translations? Can we find them on the internet in search results, on the top of the page or maybe it is cheaper and better in sponsored zone? Maybe so, maybe not. Everyone has to answer the question independently on the basis of own experience with translation agencies. The best is to compare prices and order time of the same translation. People who daily outsource a large number of translations for various agencies, know this very well. However, companies that outsource a lot of translations, or have full time translator, or use translation agency where for long-term partnership gained discounts which would not get in a different agency. And those are cheap translations - permanent cooperation, frequent job, big discounts.

Looking for a one time translation agency, it is good to compare the offer of few agencies, ask about order time, and we will be able to sleep peacefully. However, in the case of large orders, it is always worth asking for a discount or try to negotiate a price.